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4 Jul 2007 Over the next few months you’ll be seeing alot of articles about MyRemoteConnection, our Managed VPN Service, and The Remote WorkPlace, our secure Internet-based solution which allows your users to seamlessly work in the office AND from anywhere in the world. And, there’s no mystery as to why we chose to start our promotions now –

  • Here in America, regular-grade gasoline is costing us ordinary folks between $45 and $60 everytime we fill-up, so just running to the office or dropping by to see a client is a litle more costly.
  • While most of us have been thru price “spikes” before, whether it be from oil embargoes or the effects of hurricanes and tornadoes, this time the high prices are staying with us and, then, racheting upward once again.
  • And, it really is the week of the US’s Independence Day celebrations and, for our friends to the North, Canada Day.

So, enjoy the benefits that MyRemoteConnection brings to you. Drive when you want. And, if you still need to get some work done, stay off the road and work remotely. (Actually, we even have a solution for those who need to work from their cars. But more about that later.) MyRemoteConnection is a fully managed service which works with your existing Internet connections AND your existing network servers, printers, and laptops. In fact, since there is no hardware or software to buy, new clients are typically up-and-running the same day. All without any onsite installations or changes to your network. So, now, work from your wirless laptop at the kitchen table as easily as you do from the PC in your office. With the same software, the same passwords and the same data files. How do I know all this is true ? I’ve been doing it for over 8 months. My name is Mike Jacobson, and I’m the General Manager of Atlantic Webs. If you have any questions, please go to our websites or send an email to I’d really like to hear from you.

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