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Atlantic Webs provides a variety of hosted business solutions for users, ranging from basic Domain Name Registration to Advanced Virtual Desktop and Virtual Server hosting.  All of our services are available “ala carte”, meaning you can buy only what you need. And, we also offer a number of “bundles” which combine services to save you even more money.

Atlantic Webs was started in 1996 with the single purpose of providing a place for SMB and SME clients to learn how to use the Internet to improve their businesses.  In those early days, almost everyone focused on email and ecommerce (web stores).  In 2006, we added MyRemoteConnection, our Managed Virtual Private Network service, allowing clients to work remotely and connect to all the resources in their “office networks”. As clients have embraced more and more mobile technologies — Netbook PC’s, Smartphones, Tablet devices, Cellular Internet Access — our services have evolved, too.  Throughout all these changes, and as we look to the future,  we remain dedicated to the basic concept of The Remote WorkPlace: To help you succeed in your business we will provide the services and support necessary to allow you to use the Internet as if you owned it.

Our Client Center has been developed, and like all other technology innovations will evolve, to provide users with a centralized site to order new services, pay bills, check account history, and get personalized support.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve your experience.


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